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Herringbone and Chevron Patterns

Herringbone and Chevron Patterns

Herringbone Pattern

The exquisite Herringbone and chevron patterns boast a three dimensional appearance that can lift the look of any floor. From classic wood to eye-catching porcelain, the combination of material and colors available will leave you in awe of the visual effects. The two designs differ in that with Herringbone, the ends of the planks are cut at a 90 degree angle, forming rectangular shapes.

The chevron pattern is recognized as a traditional way to lay wooden floorboards, with its roots tracing back to 1800 BC. For each plank, the ends are cut with an angle to match the angle of the pattern, creating a continuous and visually pleasing zigzag pattern. This precision matching results in a stunning optical effect, making any floor it’s used for look amazing. look awesome.

The central platform is completed before the border work is done. The contrasting patterns are a great way to make your floors stand out from the ordinary. They can be used to highlight things like the fireplace or kitchen islands.

  Borderwork offers a stylish and timeless solution to spicing up your floors. From precision lines and tight seams that display the product’s quality and craftsmanship, to a main floor layout with numerous directional changes in the walls, borderwork provides a unique alternative to squared rooms. Additionally, the border of a lighter material provides an eye-catching and contrasting finish.